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Are you feeling a little bit stuck in your relationship, like the spark is a little dimmer? Maybe you're feeling like you don't have the tools in your box to overcome some of the hurdles that have been thrown your way as a couple. Perhaps you feel like one of your or both of you have given up hope that this relationship has the ingredients it needs to stand the test of time. Whatever it is you feel might be holding you (both) back from putting your best foot forward together romantically, Sarah Louise Ryan and her couples coaching practice will help you get back on track using Imago as an educator in Relationship Coaching. 

Perhaps you are in a relationship that feels unhappy and unfulfilled for one or both of you. Perhaps you’re wondering how to communicate and reconnect after so much disconnection or distress has been experienced within the relationship. It may have gotten to a point where you can no longer ignore the signs of disconnection or perhaps you’ve only just started to spot cracks in communication and want to get your relationship back on track and rebuild what you previously had at relationship therapy.

Maybe there has been a break in trust and connection and you’d both like to find a way back to one another going from a place of feeling stuck and trying to survive to recovery and relationship revival.

Whatever is going on in your relationship just know that there are tools within the model of therapy that I provide to help couples find their way back to one another, starting with dialogue and often ending in a result of deeper connection and meaningful communication by the time your couples therapy journey draws to a close.

​A little about me...

I've been helping singles find and build loving relationships worldwide as a professional matchmaker since 2011. My background is in Psychology, Marketing & Matchmaking. A few years into my work and many successful relationships and marriages created later, I decided to get under the hood and look at how romantic relationships work and learn how we connect, overcome conflict, and create conscious relationships. I'm in training to be a Psychotherapist & Relationship Therapist with relationship work and research at the core.


What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

Both parties in the couple have to be willing to do the work and want to find reconnection in this relationship. It was created by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly-Hunt in the 80's and made famous by Oprah Winfrey who used it in her relationship to reconnect.

How does Imago Relationship Therapy Work?

The core focus to enable relationship reconnection is to create safety for each other. When we feel safe we become available to actively listen and really hear each other, this helps to figure out what is really going on with each other and within your relationship.

When there isn’t any safety present there won’t be a way for you both to be available to listen to one another to find the understanding that you both want and need to be able to become unstuck from where you are at now.

In Imago Relationship Therapy practitioners who provide this kind of couples counselling are able to facilitate sessions giving you both the tools to safely be available, speak, hear and hopefully understand each other. It is not your usual type of judge and jury counselling setting, it’s a relentlessly positive environment that is created that has seen many couples create the shifts they so need to come back to one another.

When we humans feel safe we don’t operate from a place that is defensive in coping mechanisms. Our language becomes more open and we’re able to actively hear. When we feel safe we feel the opposite from being attacked, guarded and closed and this is how many couples feel when they unfortunately find themselves in a place of disconnection and discontent in their relationships.

Imago will give you both the space and time to talk about your stuff and feel heard by each other and to do this it provides the tools for you both to be less guarded with one another.

Right now, if you’re seeking couples relationship therapy the chances are pretty high that you’re feeling hurt, stuck, unhappy and disconnected in your relationship and with Imago we want to create the calmest, safest environment possible for you both to really be with one another.

For some couples it takes just a few sessions, for others it takes longer but what you both will see is that by working with me we go through a process of you both learning how to appreciate one another, understand one another and step into each others shoes. This shift will create space for love and connection to re-enter.

My values are to help couples reimagine, reignite and reconnect in their relationship. My work is really important to me, its a vocation and not just a profession and so I do hope you feel that you will be in the safest hands possible as we begin the journey for you both.

You might be wondering more about the work I do and how Couples Relationship Therapy with me in Rutland or London will be facilitated.


The Key Features of Imago Therapy

Imago therapy is all about bringing positivity and safety back to your relationship and from there you are able to reconnect and form connection. The way I see it, is that two individuals in the room that are in a couple work on reforming a friendship to build the romantic connection from the ground back up.


The work of Imago Therapy is to ensure you are the safest person and partner possible in the room during your couples therapy sessions and this work is built from positivity and appreciations where you will both learn how to give and receive love between one another.


In each session couples ground into the work with each other and once we flow through the appreciations the couple will be given the structure to enter into the dialogue process. This process is specific and carefully structured in a way that you and your partner are going to be able to dialogue about the things that are holding you both back from connection. When in the dialogue process couples are able to share their experience of what is going on for them in an uninterrupted manner so each partner in the couple has a chance to talk and share their thoughts and feelings.

What is my role in the Couples Therapy Process?


I am trained to hold couples in a safe dialogue. I will be spending very little time talking but will be offering guidance, helping you both manage what is going on in the room and ensuring safety for you both on an emotional level is facilitated. As you go through your sessions I will from time to time, if and where relevant and if you both find it useful, share insights and education about the theory if interpersonal connection. This sharing of relationship knowledge might help you from time to time look at the romantic connection more abstractly and enable you to see what is going on for one another. I aim to only share to educate and help you both out of a place of stuckness.


What is your role in the Couples Therapy Process?


Your role, if you wish to work through what is coming up for you both in your relationship is to commit to the process. After an initial session where you will assess if how I work if for you, I will also let you know if I am able to work with you both.

If you’re looking to do the work with each other and reconnect and you’re willing to stick with and trust the process then it’s likely I will be the person for you to work with as you opt in for couples therapy. I only work with couples who express they are looking to co-create a deeply fulfilling relationship and want to make changes for the long-term within their relationship and how they relate to one another. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix or just as space to let your partner hear your thoughts without really doing the work responsibly then I am not going to be the person for you to work with.


How Do I Work With Couples?


My initial session with you and your partner will be 60 minutes long and an assessment of whether we want to work with each other. I charge £140 for this.

If we decide to go ahead then I will work with you in 90 minute sessions. I ask you to attend the sessions every two weeks and for you to book the six sessions in advance so you are guaranteed a slot. Each session will be charged at £200.


Each session is payable in advance as you are securing the time. I ask you to give me 72 hours notice if you need to cancel. If it is less than 72 hours you will be charged my full fee with no exceptions. I will offer you a fixed appointment time which will be the same time and day every two weeks.

I am able to offer couples a couples in crisis session for 90 minutes in an emergency situation. The charge for this is £350 and will need you both to be in contact to request any last minute availability.

Couples can be based anywhere in the UK as I also offer online sessions to support couples in relationship reconnection, my fees are the same as above. As mentioned, you are paying for the time slot.

It doesn’t matter how you identify to me as what matters most is that you both wish to be in a deeply committed and connected relationship and want to work through all the things that may be holding you both back from making that connection happen. You can be the same sex, no identifying or different sexes in a heterosexual relationship.


About my personal approach


I am passionate about the work I do and really want to see couples not only reconnect but put the joy and fun back into their relationship. I am warm, friendly and also direct. I integrate psycho-education so you can learn about how you relate and why with each other as you can so you can make long-lasting improvements to how you show up for one another. I care about my clients and the work I do. I don’t work with everyone, only couples who I can see are really ready to do the work with each other. From time to time I operate a waiting list and if I do have spaces free to work with you, I will invite you to do so and we can go from there. I see this work as important and its a collaborative effort between myself and the couples putting in the work.


Want to enquire about working together?

If you are interested in booking a couples session with me please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

I will offer you a place if I have one free. If I do not have any places free, you're welcome to go on my waiting list and I'll let you know when I have availability.


Build greater communication skills

Overcome relationship grievances 

Become unstuck 

Gain insights as well as practical intentional partnering tools

Overcome conflict with resolution techniques

Deepen the connection with yourself & your partner 

Stop arguing & start liaising lovingly 

Figure out what's holding you back from living your best love-life 

Work out how to go from stuck to feeling content & calm in your relationship


Coaching is an option for those that would like a more personalised approach on the path to deeper connection & partnering. It aims to help understand the hurdles that may be holding you back from the deepest romantic connection that you both deserve. 


There are three options to secure your space for Relationship Rejuvenation sessions with Sarah Louise Ryan

Singular session necessary for inital assessment. Thereafter, in blocks of 6 sessions bi-weekly, payable individually.


Price £200.00

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