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I'm a Dating & Relationship Expert. If you’re single and searching for love, I can help you!


I am a Dating Expert based in London providing International Matchmaking & Dating Coaching services since 2011. I own two dating agencies, work with couples as an Imago Relationship Therapist and consult across the worldwide dating industry to help singles have successful personal introductions, finding the love they deserve.  My matchmaking teams make personal introductions in London, Europe and beyond. We help singles find compatible life partners based on their wants, needs and desires for a future relationship. 


In a nutshell, I have two dating agencies in the UK that are different, as well as an online dating club for traditional singles dating and I also offer love life coaching (this has a waiting list) for those singles who are looking to find out more about themselves and what has been holding them back from finding and building a lovely relationship. Some people are new to off-line dating, others want to overcome hurts from breakups to get back out there again and some are finally ready to date differently and create meaningful connections with singles who are aligned with the same relationship goals, lifestyle and love-life intentions.


Love Lessons - Dating Coaching For Singles - Online and in person


Are you looking to overcome hurdles that are holding you back from forming deep connection? Perhaps you’re single and experiencing dating burnout in the struggle to align with people on your wavelength or form deeper connection needed to form a lasting relationship? Over the years I’ve helped many singles work on many issues like lack of confidence, barriers to connection such as fear of failure in relationships, anxiety in the dating journey and short situationship patterns that feel unhealthy and unproductive towards the end goal of forming a long-lasting, loving relationship. I help singles get clear on how they date, break unhealthy dating patterns and gain clarity on the kind of relationship they would like to build. Many of my singles in coaching programmes go on to become matchmaking clients or find a loving relationship organically through becoming clear, confident and unwavering in their healthy and positive approach to dating. 


Are you feeling a little bit stuck navigating the path to partnering?

Do you feel like you’re a little out of touch with what finding and building a happy, loving relationship looks like? 

Are you feeling depleted in the dating process, like you're burnt out or underwhelmed?

Perhaps you are nervous about meeting new people or are meeting all the wrong people for you?

We know all too well that modern dating can seem quite tricky and swiping left and right can more often than not fail to reap the return on time and energy investment that singles would like. 

Enquire now to start the journey to becoming unstuck and mastering your modern dating mindset. 


12 weeks of one-to-one support with a mixture of in person and zoom sessions, weekly. You'll have voice note support and access to dating and relationship coach and expert Sarah Louise Ryan daily whereby you can be accountable to the process of taking alligned and radical action to make shifts in your life to attract love.

You'll work on confidence, communication, what you want both inside and outside of the bedroom and navigating the path to dating and building a deeply connected romantic relationship. 

It all starts with figuring out what hasn't served you and taking stock of what makes you feel fulfilled and connected so you can attract the right kinds of people into your life. 

Sarah Louise Ryan - UK Dating Expert.jpg

I am happy to work with clients in person in London for 4-6 sessions. This is a bespoke package and fee. 

Sessions will take place bi-weekly in either Covent Garden or Holborn in London. Or, in Rutland, UK. I also see clients in Manchester on a monthly basis. 

I am available for International travel for clients in Europe & NYC. 

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