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Why Do We Ignore Red Flags In New Relationships?

Relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan believes there are several factors as to why you’ll turn the other cheek when witnessing undesirable behaviour from a partner. Sarah joined Tyla for an interview where she explained how some people can be in love with someones potential rather than the reality of who they actually are, and what they can give or are willing to give to the relationship and the other person in it.

Sarah said “Another reason for ignorance is scarcity of being alone - maybe this is because in a relationship that has red flags peppered throughout they may have lost their sense of self, self-esteem, awareness of worthiness and confidence - they may feel they will be alone forever.”

Fear of loneliness, and a lack of self-confidence, is another contributing factor as to why red flags may be ignored, according to Sarah. She also explains:

“Some people are also happy to settle for something that is less than love and deep fulfilment in romantic relationships because on a self-sabotaging level they do not feel they are deserving of true wholesome love,”



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