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Singles - How to Overcome Dating Anxiety & Burnout

The biggest thing I am hearing at the moment from singles out there dating is that they are experiencing feelings of anxiety and burnout when swiping or meeting other singles. Thy are feeling energetically low and less than hopeful about the future.

Online dating, social media and dating on mass due to a paradox of choice are all contributing factors to dating burnout and emotional depletion in the process.

Feeling energetically low when chatting, connecting and meeting other singles is not going to be helpful to make informed decisions for your dating journey.

When we feel vitality we become naturally more curious and connected to what’s going on across the board in our lives and with those we cross paths with. Curiosity is not only the key to creating initial romantic connection but also the tool which mantains deeply fulfilling romantic relationships.

If burnout on a physical and emotional level creeps in there is no capacity for curiosity. So how are singles to deeply connect on a conscious level when feeling dating burnout? I would argue its not possible.

It is possible to connect with those in the same low energetic place as there is a commonality to connect on topics such as bad dates experienced, apps that haven’t worked or dating patterns that haven’t served one another. This is not the foundation in which a loving and long-lasting relationship can be formed.

If you resonate with the low energy and vibe in dating I am speaking of I invite you to pause for a moment and check in on the intention of your dating journey right now.

Pause because you want to enjoy the process and want to attract a partner who is also joyfully enjoying the dating process too. If dating doesn’t feel right for you right now perhaps the time isn’t right. Listen in and tap into what your body and mind are trying to tell you.

When we’re in a place of feeling low on energy we can get caught up in patterns of stuckness, uncertainty and create acceptance around what is ‘fine’ rather than what is deeply fulfilling. Dating burnout is the place that situationships are born and that relationships aren’t fully able to form, at least not the ones that will stand the test of time.

When we feel our best energetic self it’s more likely that we have the energy to create boundaries, say no to what isn’t serving us and in this state we can experience joy in the dating journey. When our energy feels right our vibe attracts those who are aligned with us in values, lifestyle, goals and wants. When your vibe is off it’s likely that you will make decisions that are also ‘off’ about people and circumstances in dating.

Also, who doesn’t find high energy, joy in the dating journey and excitement attractive?

When we’re consciously connected to the dating journey not only are our choices more aligned what it is we would like to attract but we have energy to say no to what isn’t working or serving us. That means that we can ultimately make decisions about who and how we want to date that are much more timely, conscious and considered.

If you’re not enjoying dating right now not only am I inviting you to take a pause, but I invite you to going inward and asking yourself theses questions…

  • what is it that I need right now overall?

  • what kind of person am I looking to attract?

  • am I the mirror of that person? If not, why not?

  • what do I need to to to get back to my best energetic self?

  • what kind of relationship do I want to build? Do I know how to create it?

When you feel energetically vibrant and full of vitality this is when you will be much more likely to attract someone on your wavelength, who has the same wants as you and similar goals for a future loving relationship. You don’t want to be or feel depleted in dating and if you do right now then you’ll likely be attracting someone who feels this way too.

Nobody wants to date on the backfoot, nobody wants to date someone who is glass half empty about the future and nobody wants to connect with someone who feels less than hopeful about what the future holds in life and in love.

You want to feel whole to attract another person is in the same feeling of wholeness.

If you’re not in that place of feeling whole, happy and content it could be said you’re seeking to fill a void, dating to fix that feeling or looking for someone to fill the gaps you’re feeling in your life. To create a deeply fulfilling and conscious relationship this really isn’t the vibe.

If you want to reset your mindset around love and dating, be in touch with me, I’d love to get to know you better and see if I can help you. Drop me a line.

Much Love,

Sarah Louise x



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