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Love After Lockdown - Death of Casual Relationships?

Do you find yourself thinking about what the future might hold when it comes to dating in the modern world of meeting, post-pandemic?

Our founder and UK Dating and Relationship Expert, Sarah Louise Ryan, explores a conversation with Glamour magazine about the potential death of casual relationships, casual dating and situationships in modern dating - which so many singles have reported pre-pandemic not to have served them well.

The article posed the question "Has Covid marked the end of the casual relationship?" And explores how so many couples have raced through the milestone relationship markers faster than usual whilst the UK has been in lockdown.

London Dating & Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan said this, and much more to Glamour,

"More people are searching for long term relationships because in the recent time of disconnection singles have taken stock of who they are what they want in life; especially in love"

Glamour also share in the article some stats about how couples living together have added years to their new relationships according to a recent study by eHarmony.

If you resonate with any of the hurdles mentioned in the article and feel they may be holding you back from building a positive journey to romantic partnering you can always enquire to book in a dating coaching session with our UK Dating & Relationship Expert. You can enquire here for dating coaching.

All sessions are strictly confidential and tailored specifically to each clients journey to dating and building a fulfilling relationship.

For other articles, press, podcasts and blogs about modern dating you can head to our dating and relationship wellness hub right here.



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