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Modern Dating Can Be A Minefield

Modern dating can be a minefield. We know London and Manchester Matchmakers & Coaches know that. And most of all, singles navigating the path to meeting their person know that too. Singles also know that it’s a matter of having both time and tenacity, without personal matchmaking service or dating agency of course.

As you know we often talk about the paradox of choice with dating platforms, apps and options to meet people, this has the media in conversation about many things impacting the search and navigation towards the end goal of romantic connection.

We’ve been part of some really big topics of conversation this week such as the impact of social media and reality tv on the search for a relationship, relationship dynamics of polyamory vs monogamy and mental health in regards to dating and relational wellness in a post-pandemic world. All conversations we’ve been delighted to moderate, debate, and be a part of.

Last night we were invited to expertly wrap up a debate on BBC Radio 5 Live with Colin Murray about the complexities of modern dating options as the search for ‘the one’ becomes harder than ever before and so people are turning to polyamory. We explored the complexities of connection in a duo or trio relationship and explored both sides of the debate. We’re quite firm on our mission to create more meaningful monogamy in the world and have been proud to explore more in the media about this.

Also, this weekend we’ll be in conversation with BBC Sounds exploring the detrimental impact social media and reality tv may be having on singles as they navigate the search for love, often idealising something they feel to be out of reach, or on the other side of the coin, settling for less than love because of the normalising of toxic behaviours in modern dating seen on our screens.

Finally, our dating and relationship expert shared with Stylist Magazine the impact of mental health, especially post-lockdown, on the journey to building an incredible dating journey or the foundations for a fulfilling relationship. All really interesting and timely conversations to be a part of, we’re sure you’ll agree.

We’ve been offering SO much clarity across the board about how to stay on the positive path on the way to partnering.

We know all too well that the person you are looking to meet is out there looking for you too and we may very well have crossed paths with them. Imagine the relationship you want to build, now let us help you create it, after all, it’s what we are renowned for.



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