Mental Health Matters - In Conversation With Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz

It's mental health awareness week and we couldn't be more mindful of how we think and feel during this time. We've also seen some significant changes in up and down days with so many people and so we couldn't think of a better person to chat to in this time than Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz.

Sarah Louise Ryan & Kenny chatted all things managing mental health, creating a routine and how matchmaking initiatives have helped forge connections on a global scale in this surreal time.

Watch the video here:

Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz "The Man Whisperer" sprang into action as soon as we were on lockdown with weekday lunchtime MenCheck-in mini-men's groups online to keep men (and our communities) sane, safe, calm and connected.

You can click-in here and pay by donation. Men share our thoughts and feelings, fears and pressures, whatever's up that needs speaking out in a safe, non-judgemental space.

You can download a free Quickstart guide to starting your own group - and also work with Kenny privately (Love Lessons & Love Connections friends can book a free 20 minute taster

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