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How To Prevent A Breakup: Authentic Dating Series Podcast

Dating & Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan chats with David & Ahmad of The Authentic Dating Series all things breakups and prevention of breakups. Here's more on how to navigate the potential loss and loss of love in the modern world. Tune in & details below.

Episode Details

EP73: How To Prevent A Breakup!

The pressures of world change are having a devastating impact on our relationships.

Relationship Expert and International Matchmaker Sarah Louise Ryan (@sarah_louise_ryan) is concerned about the number of breakups that are happening today.

Sarah has been helping singles find, build and deepen loving relationships since 2011. She believes that most relationships can be rescued if the couple only knew what steps to take to ensure their happy and healthy partnership is maintained.

Sarah has been featured in the likes of Forbes, CBS News, BBC Radio, Business Insider, Psychologies, London Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan magazine and many more.

In this podcast, she explains the main reasons breakups are taking place now more than ever before, and what couples can do to maintain a healthy relationship today.

Key Topics in this episode:⁠

1* Why breakups are more common today

2* Key steps you can take to avoid a breakup

3* Why separation is critical for a good relationship

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