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How To Overcome Rejection In Dating Apps

When navigating the dating scene there’s a mass of singles seeking to connect, all with different intentions, goals and desires around dating.

There’s so much potential for dating to boost someone's confidence or for it to lower how someone feels about themselves along the dating journey.

The major difference between those two polarised experiences is this: Mindset.

You see, we all have a subconscious blueprint in our minds about how people should act, behave, communicate and navigate each date. This is our expectations based on how we would personally behave, expecting all human beings to be the same.

We all also have a response to others. This can sometimes be an internalised response around what we make other people's behaviour, words or actions mean about us, our dating journey or the end goal of what we are capable of achieving romantically. This is our response.

Rejection is a big part of what holds people back from staying consistent, positive and proactive in the dating journey. This is because people don’t always see rejection as just redirection, getting you closer to meeting that right certain someone.

Once there is an understanding that you too have the right to choose then there is a high chance you will master your mindset, build mental resilience around the journey to finding romance and you’ll also be able to stay the path.

Want to know what successful daters do to overcome rejection and find love?

They Refuse To Allow Rejection To Define Them

Many see rejection as a failure, a final destination so to speak. Those who stay on the path of dating after rejection do so because they refuse to let some elses judgement define them.

Often those judgements are baseless, especially on dating apps and not representative of who you are and what you’re worth in dating. They see failure as a hurdle in there as they continue onwards on the search to finding a partner.

Mentally resilient people don’t allow their self-worth to be contingent on other people’s opinions. Instead, they know who they are and what they’re capable of doing and achieving, despite receiving rejection.

They Practice Self-Compassion