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Fear Of Dating Again Post-Pandemic - Thoughts from a Dating Expert

So many singles are worried about dating again and meeting new people after being in lockdown for such a long time.

Our dating and relationship expert UK Sarah Louise Ryan shared her opinion about how to successfully keep any dating anxieties at bay so singles navigating modern dating can have a positive journey and path to finding a romantic partner.

Sarah spoke to Tyla who shared that 77% of singles in a recent survey shared that they feel anxious about dating again when lockdown lifts. Tyla have dubbed the fear of dating again as FODA.

Sarah Louise Ryan shared this dating and relationship quote about the current state of play with dating, anxieties and lockdown lifting.

"With recent time lost on the dating scene, many singles have fears and anxieties. The year of being socially and physically distanced, especially on the dating scene, means that there are also worries coming up for singles that couldn't have been foreseen."

Sarah also said of singles "Some are feeling that they are frustrated with the amount of dating time lost and the other side of this same coin is a feeling of pressure for the next person they date to be the last or most significant person,"

"One thing so many have learnt is that time and humanity is precious and there are many who are done with wasting time with the wrong kinds of people. So that comes with a certain pressure to get the romantic dating journey 'right'".

If you resonate with any of the hurdles mentioned in the article and feel they may be holding you back from building a positive journey to romantic partnering you can always enquire to book in a dating coaching session with our UK Dating & Relationship Expert. You can enquire here for dating coaching.

All sessions are strictly confidential and tailored specifically to each clients journey to dating and building a fulfilling relationship.

For other articles, press, podcasts and blogs about modern dating you can head to our dating and relationship wellness hub right here.



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