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How To Be The Lady That Leaves - Divorce & More.

I am so thrilled to have had the pleasure of welcoming Emma Heptonstall onto the Love Lessons show on Women's Radio Station. If you haven't tuned in before, just so you know, the show is all about helping people find, build and deepen romantic, loving relationships.

Emma is The Divorce Alchemist and an absolute advocate for empowering women in loving themselves first, and, when they feel a line needs to be drawn under their relationship and or marriage empowering them to be the lady that leaves.

We invited Emma into the studio to talk about divorce, separation and leaving a relationship that didn't result in marriage when there are children involved.

Emma shared her knowledge, expertise and her empathetic way of working with clients in the divorce alchemist membership club. Not only did Emma share with us what she knows about leaving a relationship where love has lost it's way, she also shared with us how she creates a community amongst women that can feel a little lost and need like-minded women to bounce off.

Emma and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • How to be the lady that leaves

  • How to navigate the decision making process when deciding to leave

  • The stages of divorce - emotional, practical and physical

  • How to start over again as a solo


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