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London Dating Experts | The Staycay, A Singles Vacay.

Meet the London dating experts hosting the singles event (summer weekender) just a stone's throw from London next week. You won't believe the amazing value they are going to bring to the table...

KENNY MAMMARELLA-D'CRUZ. Coach for Men. Dubbed “The Man Whisperer” by ‘Newsweek’ Kenny gets men self-aware, self-respecting and ready to meet life with passion, purpose, power and a special twinkle in their eye that attracts the best that life can bring. He founded MenSpeak men’s groups 17 years ago and has worked with a private client for a couple of decades in London, Sydney, SanFran and online.

SARAH LOUISE RYAN. London Dating Expert, Relationship Expert, Professional Matchmaker & Dating Coach. Helping people find, build and deepen romantic relationships since 2011. Sarah has worked as an international matchmaker, dating coach and advisor on relationships globally. You can find Sarah hosting her radio show Love Lessons, hosting singles events or playing cupid on a global scale. As featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Psychologies and many more.

JAMES PARRIS. James is a performance and behavioural change specialist and he has a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve success in all aspects of your life. We caught up with him to get the low down on dating with confidence. Having worked as an elite rowing coach since 2003, James is bridging the gap and using his expertise to help coach people who aren’t athletes achieve incredible results in all areas of their lives.