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Dating & Relationship Expert Advice in NYC - A New Confidence Coaching App.

Well hello there lovelies!

I am so pleased to share with you that I have recently signed with an app to help users boost their confidence with dating and relationship expert advice and coaching in NYC. I am simply delighted and can’t wait to see the final touches coming together soon.

I’ve been busy working on short date coaching sessions to share tips and tools people might find useful to find, build and deepen long-lasting, loving relationships whilst being the most confident version of themselves.

Having lived in NYC for a good while, immersing myself in the chaos and conundrums of how people connect in big cities and trying to gauge a deeper understanding of the trials and tribulations of human connection in a multi-dating culture or, if in a relationship, in a city where people compete to work longer hours and seemingly need to be the first in and last out to make their way up the career ladder. It poses the question about how a relationship, or finding a relationship, can take the front seat rather than the back seat if it is indeed top of the priority list.

Of course, as it’s an app, it will be available further a field than NYC and details will be revealed in the Summer of 2019 when it launches fully for all that need a confidence boost in themselves to navigate finding love or navigate a deeper connection with their significant other.

I am working closely with the female founders of such a gorgeous platform to really give as much value as we coaches best know how so users can leave feeling energised, positive and like they can confidently pave the path to dating, deepening their relationships and overcoming grievances in both.

What a year it’s turning out to be so far, I can’t wait to keep riding the wave of sharing everything I have learnt and come to know about dating and relationships since entering the dating industry in 2011.

Big Love & catch y’all soon ;)

S x



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