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The Future of Relationships - Polyamory & Open Relationships - Metro UK Press

I was delighted to be asked alongside other experts to answer a series of questions about the Future of Everything with a cohort of journalists investigating the future of dating, relationships, sex and love online.

This particular article posed the questions "Are we moving towards a society where everyone is polyamorous or in an open relationship?"

An interesting question that I have been trying my very best to investigate and answer over recent months - have you heard the interview conducted when I invited Susan Madison into the studio at Women's Radio Station when we talked about polyamory vs monogamy? LISTEN HERE.

Here's a snippet of my answer in Metro UK ...

"Sarah believes that part of the rise of polyamory is because people are more open to the idea of ‘micro-dating’ multiple people.

‘If you are polyamorous, you are giving away certain slices of your energy cake to certain people you are physically and emotionally intimate with (and retain certain parts for other SOs),’

she says. ‘You are never fully giving them your all, the whole cake so to speak. How can you give each and every romantic partner your all if you have multiple?




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