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Mindfulness: More Sleep & More Connected Sex.

I'm absolutely delighted to have welcomed female founder Becks Armstrong into the studio where we got to talk about her app Clarity, which enables users to have more mindful head space, have a better nights sleep and get on the path to being more physically connected with oneself and ones partner. So exciting to see we are well on the way to breaking down the barriers to actually have conversations about all of this stuff - which really matter, we really are mindful of and we should be communicating about on a deeper level.

I recently attended a business conference in London where there was an in-depth discussion about the future of sex, moreover, the conversation detailed the future of how we talk about sex and the impact it’s about to have on the dating industry and, luckily, we are going to be edging closer to more conversations about intimacy, we will be taking more than just a glance at the female gaze and we will see apps, dating websites and brands become more connected with sex in a non sleazy, contextual manner. Phew!

It was so relevant in the same week I got to talk about sex , sleep and mindfulness for a whole hour with Becks am so excited about to share this episode where I and also really looking forward to the world knowing more about Clarity app where users can take the mini series and mindfully get physically connected with themselves and / or with their partner.

Becks of Clarity and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • How mindfulness matters how it can affect your relationship positively

  • Relaxation, routine and creating good habits to have a healthy relationship

  • Mindset mastery and how movement and exercise can improve outlook & relationships

  • Sexual Healing - overcoming low libido with sleep and the clarity app.

Big Love as always,

Sarah xx



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