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The 2019 Dating Trend Everyone Is Talking About: Grande-ing

I had a marvellous chat this morning with Jessica Lindsay of the Metro about Grande-ing. Grande-ing is a 2019 dating and relationships trend, and for once it’s a trend which is a healthy practise of positive psychology helping individuals create a happier and healthier romantic future for themselves by letting go of their ex.

I have had first hand experience of practising the art of letting go and forgiveness after a major break-up with an ex and was essentially saying thank u, next before I even knew it was a thing. Basically my thoughts as quoted by the Metro today are as such: ‘Harbouring hate and dislike for another is just like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die and life is too short to live like that. We should all be grateful for relationships gone, they help make us who we are today – we learn more about what we want and what we definitely don’t want. Thank U, Next.

Read more about Grande-ing here.

Sarah xx


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