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Polyamory Vs Monogamy. A Discussion with Susan Madison.

Modern day dating seems to show a huge rise in noncommittal relationships/ situationships where even exclusively sleeping with someone can seem like a huge leap into sharing too much of our most vulnerable selves. Commitment seems to be only for the brave. I get to meet with the wonderful Susan Madison, one of the most open-minded individuals I have come across who is a former life coach and mindset shifter who has now returned to her IT roots as has claimed to have fallen in love with the 4th industrial revolution and dating multiple people at once!

Susan works in a male dominated industry and is quite high up the ladder. I want to get down to the nitty gritty of what men think about her, what she thinks about sexuality, relationships and the search for love, commitment and marriage in the modern dating world today.

Susan and I got to grips with the following in this Love Lessons Episode:

  • What is polyamory - her definition and what google tells the world. How do people find the time and manage the intricacies of dating / being in a relationship with multiple romantic partners.

  • What is monogamy - is it better or worse than being polyamorous

  • Commitment sexually / romantically to more than one partner - is it possible?

  • The pros of being in an open-relationship

  • The cons of being in an open-relationships

  • Key takeaways from being in polyamorous relationships and what learnings were to be had.

  • What about catching feelings - what happens then?

I also got the chance to find out about what finding love is like in bigger cities where there is far more choice and if it's just easier to have multiple relationships and sex with numerous partners, but what about serious commitment. Maybe polyamory is just a fear of missing out FOMO - guess we will find out here at Love Lessons with the gorgeous Susan Madison.

Big Love,

Sarah x


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