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Sex & Intentional Intimacy with Dr Juliana.

I am DELIGHTED to have had the opportunity to interview Dr Juliana a marriage and family therapist who helps people worldwide to connect and find the time/space to communicate in order to build and deepen their relationships. Dr Juliana shares her message online and offline to people of all genders that are looking to develop a deeper connection emotionally and physically with themselves and others. Dr Juliana provides the following: “Hope, Normalcy and Information”.

Dr Juliana spends her time with people who are interested in learning about their relationships, they have similar kinds of questions and similar areas in which they would like to grow in. She finds that community is the greatest way to enable those questions to be answered and shares the space for them to learn and grow through sharing their stories and lessons about love, life, sexuality and relationships. Dr Juliana enables growth on destination retreats through connecting, journaling, learning content and provides a safe space for people to feel they are able to share and to be their most authentic selves.

Dr Juliana and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • How did Dr Juliana find her passion. Hint - it started with taking a look at sexuality.

  • I ask Dr Juliana about the Love languages and her thoughts on how we show our love and attraction.

  • We talk about general grievances in marriages and overcoming those

  • The reasons why retreats for singles and couples gives them time and space to learn, grown and improve.

  • Dr Juliana gives us her top tips for connection, communication and closeness in relationships

  • We talk about libido, work life balance and being a mis-match between the sheets.

If you can’t wait to get to grips with deepening your connection with your spouse or want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what it is that you want in a relationship or dating scenario then this is the episode on Love Lessons Podcast for you, click here.

She's Unleashed, Undressed & Unstoppable.

Big Love,

Sarah x


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