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Meet Vegedate: Matching With Sustainable Values. PODCAST COMING SOON on Love Lessons.

A pleasure to be welcoming Danielle Mason, founder of Vegedate into the studio where we got to talk about al things Veggie! Danielle founded veggie date to help vegan and vegetarian singles meet each other and build friendships with other like-minded individuals.

Vegedate is a platform to help singles who want to meet and be match with others with the same or similar outlook on the world as they do - it’s more than just matchmaking. Danielle talks us through her events, matchmaking and the values of Vegedate. We get to find out what the next steps are for her and what the gap in the market looks like for her very niche and singles specific business looks like.

Vegedate and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • How did Vegedate come to be as an offering for Vegan & Vegetarian singles.

  • What are the values of the singles approaching Vegedate and are they looking for love

  • Why is it hard for these singles to meet and did Danielle see anything tried and failed in this space before

  • What about the way the world is moving towards sustainability and the more awake we are becoming in consciousness about protecting our planet - does she see her business as a community project and social enterprise just as much as she sees it as a dating app?

  • We talk about the events that Vegedate provides for it’s users / single consumers and what can a single expect in terms of experience.

  • What are the next steps for Vegedate and what are the success stories so far

  • Where did singles with these values meet before Vegedate?

In an era that is becoming more conscious about the planet, what we eat, how we recycle, consumerism and planet protection I am deeply interested in what the platform Vegedate does to connect those with a deep care about all the above and in helping singles find someone with mirrored values, ethics and integrity to them. This is more than just a niche matchmaking business - it’s so much more and I can’t wait for you to jump in and find out what Danielle has created.



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