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Dating for the Elite. An Interview With Lydia Davis of Toffee App & Lynk Coaching.

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to interview to interview Lydia Davis, a serial dating industry entrepreneur and former London Matchmaker who has recently launched Toffee Dating App for singles who are privately educated and who has established Lynk Coaching for new singles looking to put their best foot forward on the dating scene. There are so many options for singles which Lydia knows all too well and she talks us through her top three tips for someone joining the dating scene again after a very long time.

Toffee exploded onto the dating app market this year and has had a phenomenal response to Lydia finding an untapped gap in the market for those more likely to be sipping Taittinger than to be swiping away on a dating app. We talk to Lydia about supplying a demand with such a sophisticated brand, connecting singles, success stories in her time as a matchmaker, her new coaching business and the next steps on a global scale for putting those privately educated singles together romantically.

Lydia and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • How long has Lydia been helping singles and what businesses has she been involved in

  • In her time as a matchmaker what were the trials and tribulations of managing expectations of singles

  • What can singles do today either online or offline to put their best foot forward if they are nervous about rejoining the dating scene

  • How did she spot a gap in the romantic market for Toffee Dating App and how did she fulfil the needs of those singles whilst battling an unexpected explosion in the media.

  • Why has Lydia jumped back offline into coaching despite her phenomenal global success with Toffee

  • How will Lydia be able to help singles struggling to get the best out of their romantic lives and what can they expect by going on a journey of personal and romantic discovery with her via coaching.

  • We get to grips with the stats of who is online inclusive of what percentage are seriously looking for love and what portion of those singles that we are swiping right on are looking for a rebound relationship rather than something that will run the romantic distance.

I can’t wait for you to listen in to what Lydia and I had to say about the modern day dating world and I simply loved her insight into all forms of putting yourself out there in the romantic sense. So insightful.

Big Love,


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