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Tinderella Worldwide "10 Tinder Fails I Learnt From"

Zainab (A.K.A Tinderella Worldwide) is a 26-year-old travelista who swipes her way across the globe and has plenty of tinder and dating advice on her site Here, she gives a lowdown of her tinder fails and valuable lessons we could all learn from them.

Tinder Fail 1: Exchanging hundreds of thousands of messages before you meet

I got on sooo well with this one guy. Like really, really well. Except, we hadn’t met. We exchanged life stories, frustrations and future dreams. I just knew this would be something special. Then we met and all that fell flat on its face. It was one of the most awkward dates ever. I didn’t like how he acted with his pushy body language and how the first thing he said was “You’re wearing more makeup than your pictures”. I wanted to melt and the ground to swallow me up in the burger joint.

Lesson Learnt: Don’t give out a whole saga of your life – it might be a waste. Save it for the date when you can actually see whether or not there’s chemistry. It is unhealthy to be invested emotionally in someone you’ve never met and don’t see.

Tinder Fail 2: Expecting there to be chemistry

Having any expectations is a dangerous game on tinder – if you do, then you’ll either be satisfied or disappointed. On my second tinder date, I expected there to be as much chemistry as there was on my first with ‘Kasanova’. However, I was bitterly disappointed with the lack of spark, despite the fact that he was a ‘nice guy’ and talked about psychology and other things that interested me. I sadly pecked him on the cheek at the end of the date.

Lesson Learnt: If I hadn’t gone in with such high expectations, I would have had a more enjoyable evening, rather than constantly comparing him on my mental tally chart.

Tinder Fail 3: Clinging like cling-film

I was dating a guy who said “I’m not ready for anything” plus the usual bullshit. So I said “OK” and left it. He then got upset and stalked my ass with texts, Instagram likes and Facebook friend requests from different profiles until I blocked it all. His clinginess reeked of desperation.

It also happens within tinder. I might stop talking to a guy, if I feel like dating another guy. Or I might just be busy. But saying “Good morning” to me each morning when I’m not replying doesn’t make you look smooth at all.