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Singles Survival Guide To Valentine's Day

If you’re single this Valentine’s day, you are not alone.To put it into perspective around 33% of the population in the UK are single and about 50% of the USA, that’s millions of singles. Even if you haven’t found your someone yet here’s a singles survival guide with 5 top tips so being single isn’t the be all and end all this 14th February.

A quarter of singles apparently on Valentine’s Day will celebrate love in all it’s capacity; love for friends, family, passions and interests. After all, single life makes you way more artistic apparently as a study in the Journal of Family Issues showed the connection between love and creativity in 1,529 participants. This study suggests that creative people flourish when they’re alone, rather than when they’re in a relationship. Co-author of the study, Kelly Campbell, stated:

“One reason might be that being creative in the arts gives people meaning and purpose in life. Having such needs met by activities that are often intensely personal and solitary.”

So to not only pull through Valentine’s day but to ensure you’re positive the whole day through here’s 5 Top Tips:

Get Fit: exercise can have an almost instantaneous effect on both your physiological and psychological self. Get moving today as when you exercise, you’re actually subjecting yourself to a low-level form of stress and are raising your heart rate and triggering a burst of hormonal changes. When you subject yourself to the stress of exercise enough, your body will eventually get better at handling the rest of life's stressors. And it’s a no brainer that less stress equals a happier and healthier life.

Get offline: keeping in the loop of what all of your other friends are doing with their other halves this Valentine’s day isn’t going to make you feel any better, it’s not going to enrich your life today and so get offline and live life in real-time spending time with others that are free too or filling your time with hobbies and interests that make you happy. Also it’s important that you don’t seek out a date online specifically for valentine’s day as it’s apparent you will both be looking to fill a void and the pressure might be on tenfold.

Get busy: don’t spend your day dwelling on relationships that have once been as if today is a day that already makes you feel out of sorts this isn’t going to make you feel any better. Keep your diary packed with all the things you love even if you have to do the average 9-5 today.

Get out of your comfort zone: do something you have been putting off for a while or something you wouldn’t normally do. The feeling of accomplishment is bound to give you that much needed boost today and make you feel much better.

Gather friends: get together with your nearest and dearest that don’t have plans today, ensure to laugh as much as possible as laughter decreases stress hormones and triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals.

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