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UK Blog Awards 2016 // Dating & Lifestyle

Yey! I am delighted to say that my blog #LifeHackToLove has been entered into two categories at the UK Blog Awards - Dating & Lifestyle. I would be thrilled to win any but am just so excited to kick off 2016 on a positive note, with positive vibes for my blog which is set out to help singles navigate the world of dating, explore the dating industry options and have a bit of fun along the way- just what dating should be really!

So for those of you just joining in the fun here is a little bit about what my blog entails:

"Listicals and wax lyricals of the world of singles and dating. Blog includes expert opinion from an Award Nominated Matchmaker about trials and tribulations of dating, finding love, the dating industry and the changes in trends, habits & behaviours of singles that co-habit the minefield of dating. The blog is dubbed #LifeHackToLove as there are often actionable posts to help individuals navigate meeting each other successfully in small and simply achieveable guided steps. This blog is written with passion or not at all to encourage the self-development of singles in a land where tech has made communication on a human level almost extinct."

You can cast your vote here: UK BLOG AWARDS

This year has a lot of exciting things in store, a lot of opportunities on the table to which I am overwhelmed and very grateful to be approached for but one thing is for sure; writing about dating, relationships and dare I say it, sex, will be at the top of my to do list.

Thanks you lovely lot x



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