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Building A Winning Online Dating Profile: 5 Super Simple Steps

So you’re becoming super duper savvy with online dating and think you’ve nailed down which sites to use and already have a strategy in place for maximising your datability. Perfect! This is what you need to be doing to be pro-active and ready to hit the ground running towards happy ever after. However, no strategy in the world will help you if you haven’t got the most reflective, awesome online dating profile that resonates with the kind of person you want to be attracting.

There are so many people looking for love online that it feels like the noise is so loud and your drowning in a virtual loud room full of other potential partners. Well it’s time to take action and make your profile speak volumes and excel above all that noise. Here are 5 Tips to help you along the way to increasing your datability and put you one step closer to meeting awesome matches.

1.Picture perfect. How does your profile picture look? Is it a true reflection of who you are? Is it clear, positive and warm? Does it show a little snippet of your hobbies, interests in a really natural way? They say a picture speaks a thousand words and in an online world we are now all so visual. Did you also know that your body language is 58% of what you say aloud. Put your body language and your best foot forward and get the best of the bunch in matches by making sure you have a cool selection of photos.

2. First impressions count. Your profile to the person reading it will feel like the first point of contact. You have to make sure you are giving off the best impression of who you are, rather than who you think you are. You should get a third party to either write the best things about you to reflect on or let them review what you have written so you know your write up really is the real you. First impressions do count and so make sure yours its spot on and leaves a mark on your perfect potential. Capture who you are to a T and show the online dating world how awesome you really are.

3. Set the tone. If you’re not really that funny, don’t try to be. Personally I think I am really funny but my friends tell me otherwise; truth is they are probably right. So with that said if I was to write a profile about myself I wouldn’t try to be funny incase it came across the wrong way or set expectations waaaay to high. Be honest 100% of the time and don’t exaggerate otherwise this could end in disaster. Let your true personality shine through. For example, only say you have a huge interest in skydiving if you a) skydive or b) plan on doing it in the future. Not if you have a huge case of vertigo or would like to be a thrill seeker in another life.

4. Downtime. Talk about what keeps you ticking and gives you that balance in life. If the person reading your profile only hears about the work you do then you are in big trouble. You have to ensure you show you have time for yourself and so in their mind it reflects as time for someone else; ie them when dating. Everything in life in moderation including moderation... talk lots about your hobbies and show a little insight into your life- this is the exciting part about you and ipso facto; your dating profile. Don’t be shy- tell the world if you like dancing around to 80’s music whilst baking cakes on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever you do, just be you.

5. Really resonate. Online dating research shows that if a profile is all about ‘me me me’ then it can kind of put people off or not get the best results for potential dates with the best people in your online dating website/app of choice. Leave the last paragraph or few sentences to be about the kind of person you want to meet. Tell the online dating world who he or she is- this way when all those singles read it they can either relate or not. It will certainly sieve out those that are wrong for you- leaving you with just a pool of Mr or Miss Right’s to get dating! How exciting! If anything this is the best part of advice I can give you to make sure you have the bestest of chances.

There are a few really great credited companies out there now in the UK and beyond that can help you show the best side of who you are in your dating profile. Reaching out to them if you’re a busy lizzy to provide expert advice could be the best thing you do this year- give it a shot yourself or leave it to the experts but either way just make it happen. Happy dating!


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