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We Survived The Apocalypse: What About Our Relationships?

So we survived. How great is that? The full on blood moon total lunar eclipse, lasting for 3.5 hours was pretty epic on Sunday wouldn’t you all agree? Considering we are not going to see this occurrence in the night sky (or the morning for that matter) again until 2033- I had to stay awake and take a good look. For me, I was in New York and so it wasn’t as late as my friends and family setting 4am alarms to catch a glimpse in the UK- but either way, a pretty amazing place to be catching such a scene. With four consecutive lunar eclipses this was a super energy charged moon and brings about shifts in our lives- it is certainly a time for endings and brilliant new beginnings.

I heard something really special the day of the Super Blood Moon. Someone said to me and no they don’t work for NASA, so don’t quote me on it- “The Super Blood Moon is the moon reflecting a whole world’s worth of sunrises and sunsets.” I think that’s pretty cool if it’s true! So it’s common knowledge that on a Full Moon, let alone what we saw on Sunday, that we all start acting a little kooky as human beings. I don’t for one minute think that it’s due to a total apocalypse edging closer to end our days- if it was then thank goodness we’ve survived but what about our relationships? Apparently during this time our personal and professional relationships take a hit. So let’s get prepared until we're in the clear of October 9th 2015, Mercury Retrograde ending; with 7 Top Tops for an even keel.

1.Don’t make any drastic relationship ending decisions. We all know that long-lasting relationships don’t come without their challenges to make it work as we continuously grow and change as human beings. If you find that you are in a trying time in your relationship then stay cool, calm and collected and don’t make any hasty decisions.

2.Don’t be project manager of the month. Don’t take on any new projects physically/financially. Taking on new projects is not advised during the new moon for a couple of weeks as you may be acting in haste. Hasty decision making will only waste time and pull you back during this Total Lunar Moon Eclipse.

3. Find Some Zen. Face all challenges with a calm, focused frame of mind. We can feel a brand new energy and a need to forge forward with our projects, new love prospects and just about every area of our lives but during this period it won’t come without it’s challenges. Be cool and calm and think about it all very rationally. If you need to do so revisit these challenges at a later date when Mercury has finished retrograding.

4. Making New Agreements- steer clear. They say this is a huge no go if you want to make it out alive during This Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Only after 9th October will you be in the all clear and perhaps able to think straight.

5.Don’t be a diary ninja. Keeping to a strict schedule is not going to be possible- this is if you are planning to do so, as far as I know it is going to prove difficult or at least a challenge. Any hugely important meetings you must schedule after 9th October- not that your diary is doomed; just be cautious.

6. No major moves. (well only in chess!) Any big house moves or relationship commitments don’t do it. It is advisory not to move homes during this time when Mercury is retrograding. Mercury Retrograde has a feeling of constantly moving back when all you want to do is move forward. Apparently this is due the gravitational pull it has on us that makes us at least feel so affected. So if you are moving in with your significant other or perhaps moving out due to strains in the relationship - stop where you are take a breath and hold on in there for another week or so.

7.Time to take stock. This is an inward time and a moment where some major shifts may take place. It’s time to take stock of everything we are doing in our lives professionally and personally. Have a think and give yourself a mini appraisal on how your getting on this year- may it be in your career, love life, fitness, financial progression or overall happiness. Have a think about it all and make plans to change what does not serve you, not to take action now, but after Mercury has done playing the tug of war on us.

I can’t say I am this biggest expert of Mercury Retrograde that ever roamed the planet but what I can tell you is that every time Mercury is retrograding I am certainly experiencing challenges. So now we have established I am no astrologer and do not work for NASA in any way shape or form let’s see if we can avoid anything detrimental to our personal and professional progression with the 7 Top Tips above.


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