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Love Lessons offer a variety of personal services in addition to our well-respected dating and relationship advice & expertise. Each of our services is expertly curated to support you on your journey to finding, building and deepening long-lasting loving connections. Love Lessons specialises in the offline space helping single professionals successfully navigate the path to partnering, each service we provide is hand-picked to support this journey. You are welcome to choose the service which best supports you right now or multiple services to compliment each other as you begin to put your best foot forward for your love life. 


Are you feeling a little bit stuck navigating the path to partnering?

Do you feel like you’re a little out of touch with what finding and building a happy, loving relationship looks like? 

Are you feeling depleted in the dating process, like you're burnt out or underwhelmed?

Perhaps you are nervous about meeting new people or are meeting all the wrong people for you?

We know all too well that modern dating can seem quite tricky and swiping left and right can more often than not fail to reap the return on time and energy investment that singles would like. 

Enquire now to start the journey to becoming unstuck and mastering your modern dating mindset. 


12 weeks of one-to-one support with a mixture of in person and zoom sessions, weekly. You'll have voice note support and access to dating and relationship coach and expert Sarah Louise Ryan daily whereby you can be accountable to the process of taking alligned and radical action to make shifts in your life to attract love.

You'll work on confidence, communication, what you want both inside and outside of the bedroom and navigating the path to dating and building a deeply connected romantic relationship. 

It all starts with figuring out what hasn't served you and taking stock of what makes you feel fulfilled and connected so you can attract the right kinds of people into your life. 


Are you feeling a little bit stuck in your relationship, like the spark is a little dimmer?

Maybe you're feeling like you don't have the tools in your box to overcome some of the hurdles that have been thrown your way as a couple.

Perhaps you feel like one of your or both of you have given up hope that this relationship has the ingredients it needs to stand the test of time.

Whatever it is you feel might be holding you (both) back from putting your best foot forward together romantically, Love Lessons will help you get back on track.

Enquire below to rejuvenate your relationship.   

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