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The Self-Love Valentine's Lust List

Self-love doesn’t have to be on lockdown this February.

There’s no doubt about it that Valentines Day and the ‘month of love’ feel just a little bit different this year. No matter if you’re in a relationship, if you’re searching for a significant other or currently chatting to someone exceptional that you’re ready to be more than just socially distanced with - it’s all just a little bit surreal, isn’t it?

There is one thing at the forefront of our minds to make sure the month of February is full of love and that is self-care and love. When it comes to modern dating and relationships you simply can not pour from an empty cup and so now, more so than ever, it’s important you invest in yourself (we’ll take any excuse) and you can then share that love and energy with someone else, perhaps someone romantically significant.

So without further ado, here’s our lust list of top 3 gorgeous Valentine’s Day gifts that you can spoil yourself with or send to your significant other for February 14th. You’re welcome!

Yummy Treats by A Good Cake Day

Good Cake Day are making love count this year with our "1000 Tins of Love" campaign. After seeing the woefully inadequate food parcels for children learning from home, they have decided to donate £5 from the sale of every Valentine's Day Gift Set purchased from Good Cake Day to Magic Breakfast. £5 will provide a highly nutritious breakfast for 14 children at risk of hunger. Their target is to provide a free meal for 14,700 children at risk of hunger - roughly the sale of 1,000 gift sets. You can check out the full hamper dietary requirements and details here.

Good Cake Day Hamper - £75.00

• Mixed selection of 6 indulgent chocolate brownies (available gluten free)

• Novelty connecting puzzle heart cookie (available gluten free)

• 2 tins of Daughter's of Botany floral loose leaf tea

• 1 stylish rose gold strainer

• 1 fabulous hidden message mug

• 1 luxury gift box

• 1 BLUSH card

Good Cake Day gift box - £35.00

• Mixed selection of 6 indulgent gluten free chocolate brownies (available gluten free)

• Individually gift-wrapped Gluten free heart puzzle cookie (available gluten free)

• BLUSH card (if selected)

• Complimentary BLUSH Card (handwritten note)


Curated Toys have a cute yet both gentle and firm companion for the bedroom, The Amulet priced at £34.80. Curated Toys are a brand who are advocates for aesthetically pleasing toys for the curious.

The brand describe this gorgeous product as the “perfect Amulet accessory for both beginners and experienced lovers” It’s a horn shaped toy is perfect for stimulation and penetration, whilst its singular, sculptural shape makes it an incognito toy which adapts to your body temperature.

This naughty self-love treat is made of durable borosilicate glass and adapts to your body temperature, making it perfect for temperature play too. Explore and experiment by popping it in the fridge for cold freshness or run it under hot water for a warm sensation. The glass glides beautifully on skin, even more so when using lubricant. Curated Play recommend Hanx to accompany this gorgeous treat for yourself or your significant other. (Amulet is 12 cm long and 2,50 cm on the widest point. Storage pouch included.)


VIBE offer unique, refreshing alternatives to alcoholic spirits, inclusive of their beautifully blush pink rhubarb spirit which is sure to stimulate your senses and invigorate your taste buds. Made with vitality Infused Botanical Extracts - these alcohol free spirits are lovingly crafted, traditionally distilled and 100% alcohol free from Vibe Drinks Limited.

Featured in the gorgeous snap -

  • V.I.B.E. Rhubarb - influenced by gin

  • V.I.B.E Deep South - influenced by bourbon

  • V.I.B.E. Caribbean - influenced by rum

You can drop by and say hi here: - Bottles range from £26.99 - £29.99 and can be purchased on Amazon. You can check them out over on insta here.

Go on, spoil yourself - you really deserve it.

Happy Valentines x



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