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How Reality TV Mirrors The Modern Dating Scene

Viewers watch shows such as Love Island, married at first sight and love is blind thinking that finding love today is both instantaneous but also replaceable. Viewers are consuming information relative to interpersonal relationships that isn't representative to how romantic relationships are formed off screen. We see things such as selection and rejection which can have detrimental affects on impressionable and vulnerable viewers if expectations of real relationships in the outside world aren't also managed.

Our founder and dating / relationship expert says this of shows such as love island:

"Whilst Love Island is reality TV and it sometimes might not seem real, the actions and behaviours that are going on in that villa are really a mirror set of what we’re seeing in modern dating, particularly for those who are looking for love online," she explains.

"I’m in my 10th year as a matchmaker, and in that time I’ve seen such a massive growth and saturation of options.

"Because of dating apps, singles have so many other singles physically at their fingertips - it's like a gamification of something that actually matters to us."

Sarah continues to say:

The dating app culture has subsequently left us "desensitised to how we're treating others and it is changing attitudes within dating culture"



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