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Relationship Repairs: Family & Finance

Family and finance - do they mix? I got to chatting to closer magazine about the bank and borrower relationship that can take place over a family or romantic relationship as soon as money joins the mix. It's a complex situation where I believe that before money changes hands you have to decide which you want more - the money or the relationship - whether it's a sister, spouse or someone who is a close friend.

Have you found yourself in a tricky situation where you have lent someone close to you some cash and either a) not received the repayment b) the trust has broken down due to the money not being spent exactly where it should have been or c) you feel the relationship has taken a shift in dynamics post bank and borrower situation?

Well, pick up a copy of Closer Magazine in print this week where I get to discuss with the editorial team how to tackle this tricky situation of family relationships and finance and how to overcome the difficulties that borrowing / lending money can bring about in family dynamics.

Big Love,

Sarah x


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