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CBT Advice - Overcoming Anxiety In Dating.

This week I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Miss Georgia Gold onto Love Lessons at Women's Radio Station. Georgia works in the realm of cognitive behavioural therapy. The work cognitive behavioural therapists do is so important to help people understand themselves on a deeper level, the work done helps to recognise underlying mental health issues and find coping mechanisms to deal with situations which may be somewhat daunting or difficult to understand.

I invited Georgia into the studio so we can discuss the all important topic of anxiety which affects around 1 in 4 people in the UK, particularly in big cities, and so I couldn’t help but wonder with so singles in such a big city and the numbers clearly stacking up with anxiety - what the correlation is / if there is any correlation at all, and if anxiety and dating have a cause and effect on each other.

Georgia and I got to grips with the following in this episode:

  • what is generalised anxiety & what are the symptoms

  • what are the different kinds of anxiety

  • how to spot triggers and develop coping mechanism to neutralise the symptoms of anxiety

  • we discuss social media as a contributor to how we see the world and ourselves and how it can be a contributing factor to anxiety today.

  • Georgia gives us her 3 top tips to overcome anxiety in the modern world of dating online and offline.

In regards to the dating world and anxiety Sarah delves into the following with Georgia:

  • online dating and rejection

  • first date anxiety and talking ourselves out of dating IRL

  • social anxiety at singles events

  • singles forgetting how to be themselves - the fear of being vulnerable

  • fear of rejection and settling for less than love to neutralise anxiety

Big Love, Sarah xx


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