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10 Ways To Get Back Into Dating | EliteSingles

By Salama Marine, Resident Psychologist at EliteSingles

After years of marriage or an extensive period of time spent in a long-term relationship, it can be difficult to adapt to the single life. This is especially tricky when dating techniques, services and even lingo are constantly changing. So how do you even begin to get back into the dating game?

This question is particularly difficult today, as singles have higher expectations than ever before and set their sights high when looking for the perfect partner. They are less likely to waste their time with people who don’t match their criteria. So where do you start?

Make a list

Remember, you have an advantage: because of your past experience, you have a much better understanding of what it really means to be in a long, serious relationship. Therefore, start by making a list of all the things that you want, and don’t want, from your next relationship. This will give you a much clearer view of your own expectations.

Shorten the list

Now, you’ve made this list, it’s time to shorten it. Go through each point on your list one by one and decide where you’d be willing to compromise. Putting age and experience aside, it’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with being demanding and having high expectations when it comes to your personal life. Use this list to decide what is most important to you. This way, you’ll judge a potential partner using only the most vital details.

Take your time

There’s no shame in looking for a partner. After years on your own or with the same partner, it can be daunting to connect emotionally and physically with someone new. Trusting someone takes time, so there is absolutely no need to rush; take the time to talk and get to know your potential date. The experience is different for everyone. Some people could take years to move past the emotions of a break up or a divorce. Some people may be ready to date sooner than others after the death of a spouse; others need to build their confidence again. There is no rule.

Re-build your confidence

If you don’t have the right mind set for dating, there’s little chance you’ll meet someone who is worth your time. After a divorce or a break up, your ego can be damaged. It can be difficult for some people to realise just how worthy they are. If you are in this situation, why not talk with your friends? Ask simple questions like “Why are you my friend?” and “Why do you like to spend time with me?” Learn how you’re seen in other people’s eyes and start to believe that you are a person worth knowing. Hearing this from friends can really help to re-build your confidence.

Create reasonable objectives

When you’re getting back into dating, it’s important to decide on reachable goals to avoid any disappointment. For example, it’s not easy for everyone to just walk up to someone that they like in a bar and start talking to them. In this scenario, online dating can be really helpful; it can help you to realise that meeting and dating completely new people is not so difficult – you may just need the practice! After several dates, you’ll quickly become relaxed in this kind of situation.

Be clear with the person you meet