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Tinder Super-Like: Isn't it too much Commitment?

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein

For me, this Tinder super-like button is too much commitment. When this popped up in my newsfeed last week I must admit I wasn’t surprised- every product or service has to develop at some point- fair play to them. What really got my goat about this as an option for it’s user base is that retrospectively Tinder has a track record for those not committed to the dating process so my question is this- why now? Just at a time in life when Facebook are thinking of introducing a ‘dislike’ button for it’s users. Why are we all so judgmental and why do these community based websites and apps keep giving us the right to this? It has left me in a tizz. If you ask me we are now living a life behind our screens continuously judging the world and people around is in every capacity; especially in dating. Enough I say- let’s get real and get out in the real world.

I can only assume that Tinder had an influx of requests from it’s users looking to settle down with a need for a way to sieve out those wanting something for the night rather than something for the long-term; perhaps they all now want to build a family with 2.4 kids- all thanks to Tinder developing their super-like button making it possible I’m sure. There are many articles out there now saying how wonderful it is that Tinder users are now able to show their eagerness in wanting to meet someone in particular. Forget swipe left or right- it’s evolved; swipe up for serious. What has the world of dating come to? If we were all that eager and serious enough about meeting someone perhaps we would all be out there getting pro-active in our search for our someone rather than sitting in pyjamas on the sofa looking at the five best profile pictures ever of your potential soulmate. Tinder - good for you; where there is demand, there is supply.

I just don’t believe for second that a blue button to highlight your profile is the best way to show someone that you think they’re special. Don’t get me wrong Tinder has a track record of people building relationships from its platform which as a Former Matchmaker myself, I’m all about love and people connecting. But from feedback I am far more aware of this ‘next please’ online dating mentality. Surely we are not out for dinner with ‘Fear of Missing Out’ of everything else on the menu. I am merely wondering where the human element has gone from the world of dating. What happened to hello let’s go for coffee and get to know each other. My experience has shown me that singles have spent so much time messaging, whatsapping and emailing potential matches on whatever platform they are utilising that they end up talking themselves out of dating or setting themselves up to fail by chatting for so long with someone online that they seem to find flaws in one way or another anyway.

I am not suggesting by any means we leave love to chance; we don’t live in that kind of world anymore- if you’re looking for love go for it. Get out there and do whatever you can to meet your someone and be happy - but Tinder can you really tell us the number of your users looking for something serious are now bursting at the seams? Hmmm I’m skeptical.


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