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Singles Events: Don't Just Survive- Thrive!

Although singles events for the majority of attendees can be rather daunting- the amount of eligible singles attending is on the up big time. Perhaps people have had enough of the virtual meeting of potential matches online and are looking for something a lot more real, interactive and let’s face it…a lot more fun!

Bringing you 5 top tips to not only survive a singles event if it’s your first time or perhaps you’re back on the dating scene and dipping your toe in the water…here’s a helping hand along the way to a fun-filled, successful night of meeting potentials.

  1. Arrive Agenda free – if you have a strong idea in mind of what to expect or an aim for getting yourself back home with 40 business cards in your pocket then we do believe you are setting yourself up to fail. Arrive agenda free, with no expectations and if you leave with one or even five telephone numbers then you have had a great time, with great people in your mindset and lots of potential dates lined up.

  2. “You have nothing to fear but fear itself”- If you spot someone a little bit dishy across the room who you really want to talk to then go and do it. He or she has arrived at this event for the same reason as you. If you find yourself more comfortable chatting with your wing-man or wing-woman then chances are that those potential great dates under your nose are about to get away. Be confident and work the room. Save your catch up with friends until Sunday Brunch…unless you have a date lined up then of course

  3. Don’t eye up the competition - spending your time looking around at those singles that are of the same sex as you really is not going to help. Pretend they are not there and be fearless in your approach and make a great first impression by introducing yourself clearly with a smile. For best practice and results Senior Consultant and NLP Coach, Nova Selly, always suggests this “pretend this is your party, you are hosting- work the room and make sure everyone is having a great time”. This way you will leave feeling you have done your best to make new friends, contacts and who knows what else! Great advice Nova.

  4. Don’t talk shop – Naturally, you will of course introduce what you do in life as most of us spend the majority of our weeks at work. However, your job is something that you do and not something that defines you as a person entirely. Break the ice and those awkward boundaries by asking people who they are outside of working-life. If you can get past this conversation stumbling block then you are in for a great night full of great conversation.

  5. Think Smart, Meet Matchmakers/hosts – don’t be afraid to talk to the team of dating experts hosting the event. Yes Make the most of your time, meet everyone, make great first impressions and most of all just be you- you have nothing to lose; be natural.


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